Agrofarm profile ! 
AGROFARM is a company of the secondary sector. It produces, packs, and trades at wholesale plant protection products and fertilizers. Simultaneously AGROFARM acts as representative and exclusive importer of various commercial Houses of the overseas. AGROFARM Ltd. was founded in 1976, replacing in the market the company G. A. Giuvanakis Co. AGROFARM, that had been founded in 1957 in Thessaloniki, and had had a subsidiary in Athens that had been being coordinated by Mr Pan. K. Alexandropoulos.
The pre-existing company had been the exclusive distributor of the products of the Agricultural sector of BAYER AG, Germany.

AGROFARM SA is the owner of industrial building of 1040 square meters area, that is situated on plot of 4000 square meters area. The whole facility is located in the industrial estate of Inofyta-Viotia, 200 meters from the 54th klm of the highway Athens-Lamia. The building consists of a steel structure with double walls, based on concrete base. There are also 160 square meters offices of luxurious construction detached to the industrial building. The whole establishment was erected legally.

The company, due to its small size, operates on personal level. However, it has three distinct organizational levels:
    Sales-Sales administration
    Administration-Financial management, accountant department
The task of the Sales level of the company is management of the clientele though group of salesmen, the market research through the “sales reports”, the forwarding of the sales, and the credit policy.

According to the Greek National Law 721/1977, plant protection products and fertilizers can be purchased only by cooperative organizations and stores that are properly licensed and occupy permanently agronomist. There are 2200 such stores in Greece. AGROFARM SA has a clientele of 950 active clients, 20% of which generates approx. the 80% of the total turnover, and to whose it sells at wholesale.
The salesmen of AGROFARM SA visit the customers, inspect the performance of the AGROFARM products, provide information for the new products, receive the orders, collect information for the competition and the market, and collect postdated checks or cash for the settlement of the customer’s account.

Salesmen are responsible, upon contract, for their clients and for the in-time collection of the debts. The frequency of the visits to the clients is stable, once every three weeks at least. Visits are a lot more frequent in specific occasions, such as unexpected infestations, or if the weather conditions are favorable for the development of diseases.

The sales network of AGROFARM SA is focused on the southern part of Greece. This includes all the territory from Thessaly to the south and the islands, covering even the most remote areas. So far northern Greece is concerned, there is no established network there. However there are collaborations with companies that conduct the deliveries in these areas. As regards Crete, this area is covered through local external cooperate bided upon contract.